Result 1:
Handbook - Methodologies, techniques and tools to Manage Neurodiversity at the Organizations

The handbook will seamlessly incorporate a comprehensive set of methodologies, techniques, and tools designed for effective Neurodiversity Management in the workplace. Its primary focus is to furnish the target audience with a flexible methodology and the necessary tools to proficiently manage processes related to Neurodiversity. In this context, flexibility refers to the structure of the methodology being designed as Open Educational Resources (OER), making it adaptable to the evolving needs that may arise in the coming years.

This flexible and structured methodology will be crafted in a manner that facilitates its easy utilization by anyone in any European Union (EU) country. By doing so, it enables individuals in diverse fields to produce their own handbooks, referencing our project. The first project report (PR1) will be meticulously prepared through a thorough analysis conducted by 250 participants, coupled with insights from four national reports focusing on the current situation of Neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. This comprehensive approach ensures the handbook’s relevance, applicability, and responsiveness to the dynamic landscape of Neurodiversity in professional settings.

Result 2:
NeuroPower Curriculum - Neurodiversity Trainer Curriculum

The NeuroPower Curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge and information program for NeuroPower Trainers. Its primary focus is to equip trainers with the necessary skills and competencies required for coaching and assessing neurodiverse individuals in the workplace, as well as for those seeking to enter the labor market. Moreover, the Curriculum serves the purpose of training future Neurodiversity Power (NeuroDP) Managers.

This unique curriculum serves a dual role:

  • Tool for NeuroPower Trainers: It serves as a valuable tool for NeuroPower Trainers to organize their own training courses, specifically focusing on coaching coaches.
  • Training Resource: Additionally, it is utilized by NeuroPower Trainers to deliver training in the field of neurodiversity. The curriculum is carefully crafted to address the specific needs and nuances of this domain.

The impact and transferability of the curriculum extend beyond the workplace, reaching into various life areas such as sports centers, libraries, restaurants, cinemas, and more. The detailed content of the curriculum covers both cross-cutting themes and specific modules, ensuring its applicability and relevance in diverse contexts. Ultimately, the NeuroPower Curriculum aims to foster inclusive environments in various settings, contributing to a more understanding and supportive society.

Result 3:
NeuroPower Quality Seal: Proceeding to certify an Organization

The NeuroPower Quality Seal is set to establish a robust certification procedure for organizations that successfully implement the Methodology outlined in the Handbook. This certification will be granted to organizations that appoint a NeuroPower Manager responsible for recruitment and ensure the presence of neurodiverse staff possessing the requisite skills and attitudes.

The Quality Seal is designed to acknowledge and validate organizational commitment, awareness, and dedication to neurodiversity inclusion. Importantly, it is grounded in the understanding that employing neurodiverse individuals goes beyond mere marketing activities aimed at enhancing a company’s reputation as a socially responsible organization. Instead, the Quality Seal is specifically targeted at companies genuinely dedicated to optimizing the unique skill sets and competences of all employees. These are organizations actively seeking the most effective ways to unlock the full potential of their neurodiverse staff.

This certification is intended for companies with a sincere commitment to building an inclusive organizational culture that values equality and diversity as core corporate principles. The NeuroPower Quality Seal serves as a mark of distinction for companies aspiring to create workplaces where each employee is empowered to contribute fully, fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all.