Expected results

Result 1:
Handbook - Methodologies, techniques and tools to Manage Neurodiversity at the Organizations

The handbook will integrate methodologies, techniques and tools for Managing Neurodiversity at Workplace. The handbook will be prepared to develop a flexible methodology and tools needed for the target audience to manage Neuro related processes. Flexible means that the methodology is going to be structured as Open educational resources (OER), and adaptable to any developing necessities in upcoming years. Flexible structured methodology will make easy for anybody field in any EU country to produce its own handbook with a citation to our project. The PR1 will be prepared through an analysis given by 250 participants and 4 national reports on the situation at work for Neurodiverse.

Result 2:
NeuroPower Curriculum - Neurodiversity Trainer Curriculum

The NeuroPower Curriculum aims to offer a comprehensive knowledge and information programme for NeuroPower Trainers about skills and competencies required to Coach and Assess Neurodiverse at work or to those willing to apply to enter the labour market. The Curriculum will lead to training the future Neurodiversity Power (NeuroDP) Managers. The Curriculum has a dual role:
– being a tool for NeuroPower Trainers to organize their own training course (Coaching Coaches)
– as well as being used by NeuroPower Trainers so to deliver training in this specific field.
The Curriculum will have a high impact and transferability to other life areas, for instance, to develop inclusive environments at sports centres, Bibliotheque, restaurants, cinemas, etc. Within this framework, the detailed content will cover cross-cutting content or specific thematics within the modules. 

Result 3:
NeuroPower Quality Seal: Proceeding to certify an Organization

The NeuroPower Quality Seal will develop a procedure to certify Organizations that have implemented the Methodology given in the Handbook and have a NeuroPower Manager in charge of recruitment and Neurodiverse staff that fulfills the necessary skills and attitudes.
The Quality Seal will recognize the implication, awareness and dedication and will be based on the understanding that the employment of neurodiverse people is more than a marketing activity to improve the company’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation. It will be directed at companies who really seek to enhance the unique skillset and competences of all their employees by finding the most suitable way to fulfil their potential, companies who really aspire to build an inclusive organisational culture which promotes equality and diversity as main corporate values.