Neurodiversity Management and How to Implement a Quality Seal on the Organizations is the project Learning Training Activity in (Madrid) Spain and will implement what it has been developed during the Neurodiversity Methodology (methodologies, techniques and tools for Managing Neurodiversity at Workplace) and will proceed to Certify an Organization so to get the Quality Seal “NeuroDPower”. Partners will select the participants taking into account this criteria: 1. experience on HHRR management 2. experience on working with Neurodiverse people 3. experience on implementation of proceedings in an organization 4. personal soft and hard skills in SEN contexts.  The training is structured in a way that all participants can learn, interact, exchange opinions and share experiences.  

Multiplier Events

The Multiplier events will be organised in Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey during the month 17 of project development with the aim to attract potential users and testers in the Pilot Training that will be implemented in Madrid, month 21. The event will be addressed to HHRR managers from private and public companies and trainers, job counsellors, enterprise and associations, business representatives, businesses associations, health organizations (hospitals, associations), chambers of commerce, labour employment services, VET Centres and local and national associations related with Neurodiversity and policy-makers. Besides disseminating the “NeuroD+ Handbook”  and the presentation of the “Curriculum”, the event will include interviews, focus groups and other techniques in order to gather as much information as possible regarding the tools developed.
The event will be simultaneously carried out, if possible, in various countries to strengthen the transnational dimension of
the project.