We have transnational meeting project in each country of the project partner, in these meetings we will discuss about the progress of the project and we will work together on the project.


Neurodiversity Management and the Implementation of a Quality Seal in Organizations is the focus of the Learning Training Activity taking place in Madrid, Spain. This initiative will put into practice the methodologies, techniques, and tools developed under the Neurodiversity Methodology, aimed at effectively managing neurodiversity in the workplace. The ultimate goal is to certify organizations and award them the esteemed Quality Seal known as “NeuroDPower.”

In the process, partners involved in the project will carefully select participants based on specific criteria:

  • Experience in HR Management
  • Experience in Working with Neurodiverse Individuals
  • Experience in Implementing Organizational Proceedings
  • Personal Soft and Hard Skills in SEN Contexts

The training program is meticulously structured to facilitate an environment where all participants can acquire knowledge, engage in interactive learning, exchange diverse opinions, and share valuable experiences. Through this comprehensive approach, the Neurodiversity Management initiative aims to empower organizations with the necessary tools to foster an inclusive and neurodiverse-friendly workplace.

Multiplier Events

The Multiplier events are scheduled to take place in Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey during the project’s development. The primary objective is to attract potential users and testers for the Pilot Training set to be implemented in Madrid. The target audience for these events includes HR managers from both private and public companies, trainers, job counselors, representatives from enterprises and associations, business stakeholders, health organizations (including hospitals and associations), chambers of commerce, labor employment services, VET Centers, and local and national associations related to Neurodiversity, along with policy-makers.

In addition to the dissemination of the “NeuroD+ Handbook” and the presentation of the “Curriculum,” these events will incorporate interviews, focus groups, and various other techniques to gather extensive information about the developed tools.

To enhance the transnational dimension of the project, efforts will be made to simultaneously conduct the events in multiple countries, if feasible. This approach aims to strengthen collaboration and engagement on a global scale.